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We are specialized in employee training programs for different projects and roles, designed to address specific learning objectives and delivered by top Instructors with complete real time expertise.

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We Provide Online Live Training Program with Corporate Instructors.

Our Live Online Training courses allow Instructors to add Trainees to a course within the Meeting Links dashboard and manually mark the course “Complete Live Training “or the Trainee. If the live training session for each Instructor and Trainee to have live interaction. Our support team  helps you install software for required technologies or giving a hands-on demonstration of a software product to practice on your computer, Our live training program can help you keep track of all of your in-person training attendance and updates.


Online Learning Programs


Our Live Training courses can be used in series, providing trainers with the opportunity to create a true Online learning program. Training team will help you provide prerequisite Videos for specific technologies. Online courses to a series followed by a Live Training course, and finish the series with an online course that quizzes the trainee on their new knowledge. The trainer can check to make sure all the trainees have done the online prerequisite courses and are ready to be in the actual live class.  Once the live training has taken place, the trainer can go into their enlisted account and mark the trainees complete, which would then allow the trainee to take the  online server access practice when they get time.   Online live training includes complete real time hands on practice, the trainer could record each session and will share you the link to your registered email where you can click and download session and save on your computer.


If you miss any Previous classes instructor will share you all recorded session for time being, live training attendance will be records via excel sheets or external databases. We look forward to hearing how the Live Training feature improves your daily workflow.

Price Table

We Provide different services which includes Only Training , Training with job Assistance, Marketing Assistance,Job Support. each plan includes a different Pricing. A Fee Once Paid Non-Refundable, we're here to help your Career go right direction.
Program Includes Training plus Job Assistance Training program fee can vary anywhere between
-Licenced Software Installation

-Resume Preparation


-Technical Mock Interview Tests

-Proxy if needed

-A Training fee is Non-Refundable.

-Job support for Max 3-6Months

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Only Job Assistance Program
$200 per profile
-Resume Preparation if needed.

-Proxy if needed

-Background Check

-Once you get Job you have to Pay $500 once your first pay.

-Margin can vary based on your Visa Status

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On Job Project Support
$750per month
-Job support Assistance

-Only for one Month support

-Everyday 1-2 hrs

-Assistance available In Morning or Evening

-Live Interaction screen sharing support

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